for the LOTIS® QC-X

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Fast measurement equals higher throughput. The QC-20 provides more data than any other system available, and does it much faster. The operator simply places the hose section onto the QC-20 and presses a button to record a measurement. The QC-20 takes only 4 seconds to record precision measurements. The result is higher QC throughput rates and significant savings - reducing labor costs, material waste, and resulting in fewer returns and warranty issues.

QA and production discrepancies, gone. 
A proven GR&R of less than 10.7% speaks for itself. The confidence that the QC-20 brings to your manufacturing and QC staff will improve the production environment and eliminate QA and production discrepancies. You will also increase customer confidence as you provide consistency of product with complete traceability. 

Data capture is automatic
The QC-20 automatically captures and records a wide variety of data, which you can easily download to other computers at your plant and have access to all the test history at your fingertips. A wide variety of reports can then be created to provide testing data sets to your customers.

Four measurements. One instrument. 
The QC-20's ability to obtain ID, OD, wall thickness, and wall variation measurements results in a superior quality control investment. In addition to the improved speed and accuracy the QC-20 delivers to your QC process, you will also realize savings in time and expense used to monitor and calibrate multiple hand-operated gages. The QC-20 is an off-line tool, which results in reductions in line setup time. It is also transportable and easy to integrate into your manufacturing facility, without changes to the line.