Skip the molds. Go Straight to the bottom line.

What Makes the QC-X Superior to Everything Else On the Market?

The LOTIS® QC-X Thread Profiler provides OCTG thread cutters with an electronic mold at a cutting station. The LOTIS® QC-X’s automated laser measurement technology eliminates the wasted time and lost production inherent in the current molding process. 

How Will the LOTIS® QC-X Save Time and Money While Increasing Accuracy & Output? 

Simplicity of operation is key. The LOTIS® QC-X Thread Profiler is designed to function in a thread-cutting environment at a workstation. Both the hardware and software have been engineered for ease of use by any operator: 

• Inspects API, Semi-Premium and Premium Threads 
• Dual laser system can be mounted in any orientation 
• Quick and easy to learn  
• Reduces Human Factors issues 
• Digital profile archived for traceability 
• Speeds up shift start time

Easy-to-Read User Interface

Make quick and accurate decisions with our clear and simple Measurement Display.

Your New Process with the LOTIS® QC-X:

  • An operator can attach, scan, and unattach in less than 45 seconds
  • The LOTIS® QC-X captures measurement of Height, Lead, Cumulative Lead, and Profile Geometry
  • Superimposes an electronic mold onto an electronic overlay

Industry-Leading Accuracy & Detail

The scanned profile offers levels of data you simply won't find in a traditional thread molding process.