Technical Specifications

FunctionInternal profiles
Designed useProgressive cavity stators, tubes and pipes, gun barrel bore (rifled and smooth)
Tube lengthMeasure up to 10 foot depth from entry point
Bore sizes2.2 inch up to 8.6 inch
MeasurementsMajor Diameter, Minor Diameter, Flank Profile
Accuracy (measured)±0.002" (major dia./minor dia.) for elastomer / rubber-lined stators
Scanning data pointsUp to 3,600 radius measurements per 360° scan
Radial measurement1.0 inch (25mm) Range
Scanning timeMeasured range <20 seconds
Data managementAutomated processing through proprietary system software
Scan head typeLaser probe
Export formatsCSV, DXF
System componentsLaser probe on insertion rod with expanding shoes, calibration tube, laptop
Power requirementsAC 120V to laptop / or battery powered by laptop through USB
Data transmissionUp to 15’ cable attached by USB connector
System weightScanning probe 6.5 lbs. Laptop 6.2 lbs. (with extended life battery)
Probe dimensions w/ centralizerRadius - 2 inches x Length 32 inches