The ONLY portable tool that gives you the data you need to prevent motor performance issues.

What Makes the LOTIS® QC-40 Superior to Everything Else On the Market?

There is no other portable tool that can provide a full profile like the LOTIS® QC-40’s highly-accurate laser-based gage. Our laser surface profiling provides incredibly accurate cross-sectional dimensional profiles and measurement of hard to reach tubular interiors – regardless of its geometries or material surface.

The operator takes measurements by inserting the laser probe into the tube and locking its position with expanding centering shoes. Once locked, it is simply a process of rotating the probe. The laser heads collect the measurement data, which is instantly processed through the system software.

How Will the LOTIS® QC-40 Save Time and Money While Increasing Accuracy & Output? 

The data collected is displayed on a user-intuitive control console giving the operator immediate visual feedback on the measurements (delivered as numeric values) and in a graphic display of the geometries of the measured tube.

The operator can print a report, save the file for compliance reporting, or archive results for later retrieval. The LOTIS® QC-40 takes what was once a complicated process and makes it easier, faster and more accurate.