Four Measurements. One Instrument.

What Makes the LOTIS® QC-20 Superior to Everything Else On the Market?

The LOTIS® QC-20 is the fastest and most accurate non-contact measurement system available for hose inspection. Operator error is virtually eliminated due to the LOTIS® QC-20’s precise, simultaneous measurements, which gage dimensions with no product distortion. The LOTIS® QC-20's ability to obtain ID, OD, wall thickness, and wall variation measurements is unmatched, making the LOTIS® QC-20 superior to any other quality control invest­ment. 

In the “old days” (or , today, if you're not already using the LOTIS® QC-20) , hose inspectors would have to monitor and calibrate multiple hand-operated gages. Today, the LOTIS® QC-20 does it all faster, more accurately and for far less money. Not only is the LOTIS® QC-20 an off-line tool (which results in reductions in line setup time), it's also transportable and easy to integrate into your manufacturing facility without changes to the line.

The LOTIS® QC-20's noncontact measurement system also has the ability to measure oval and curved hose sections. This unique feature adds value to your product testing programs and allows you to offer more options to your customers. With its repeatability of ±0.0001 inch, the laser-based LOTIS® QC-20 has set a new standard in hose measurement precision.

How Will the LOTIS® QC-20 Save Time and Money While Increasing Accuracy & Output? 

The LOTIS® QC-20 was designed to offer a rapid ROI – that's why so many of the major auto manufacturers swear by it. 1600 equally spaced data points are captured with every data set. In fact, the LOTIS® QC-20 produces more data than any other system available – and does it faster. The operator simply places the hose section on the end and presses a button to record measurements, which takes only 4 seconds. The result?  Reduced labor costs, far less material waste and significantly fewer returns and warranty issues. 


  • Used by most major automotive hose suppliers in the US.
  • Industry's most accurate system with best GR&R as reported in SAE J2605.

Data Capture is Automatic

The QC-20's automatic data capture provides tracking of sample deviation in real time.