We create the most accurate and reliable laser measurement and inspection systems on the market. No one else comes even close.

As a recognized technology leader in measurement and sensors since 1985, both government and industry have looked to us to solve the unsolved and deliver new technologies that change what's possible from laser inspection. Our non-contact measurement systems produce real results: improved operating safety, extending equipment life, improved parts reliability and delivering improved process control across an array of industries. For our customers, this means they increase their bottom line, get better results and outperform the competition.

Our philosophy is simple: We're passionate about creating market-leading technology while offering unmatched value to our customers.  In other words, we strive to create the most reliable, accurate laser inspection systems with the swiftest ROI in the business.

When we started back in the 1980s, lasers were a novel technology that saw wide-spread application in only a few specific industries.  In the decades that followed, we created powerful laser-based inspection systems that have saved companies hundreds of millions of dollars and erased countless hours of down time. Today, we’re the most respected name in the business because our LOTIS® Laser Inspection Systems are the most powerful and reliable technology that exists. 

And, as a division of Quest Integrated LLC, we have access to an incredibly talented group of pioneers and innovators with expertise across various technological disciplines. Our sister division, Qi2 Elements, is an industry leader in inspection and integrity management services for pipelines and aboveground storage tanks, pressure vessels, shop-built tanks, and high purity equipment. Together, we continue to develop innovative new technologies that outperform anything else on the market.

In addition to our portfolio of three measurement / inspection systems, we also build and deliver custom instrumentation for both government and private industry for virtually any need or challenge.