We are the leader in laser profilometry.

We are Qi2 Systems, the products division of Quest Integrated, LLC, and sales and service center for our patented LOTIS® (Laser Optical Triangulation Inspection System) measurement instruments.

The pioneers of laser-profilometry measurement, our non-destructive examination (NDE), and measurement systems deliver rapid, accurate, repeatable article examination and measurements to improve quality management, achieve 100% article inspection, as well as to measure in-service wear to detect part performance decline to deter critical system failures.

More than 50 years’ experience and success in the innovation of applications for laser profilometry and non-destructive instrument development, backs the science, engineering, reliability, and performance of our products. Our legacy of built custom systems has helped transform quality and materials risk management efficiency and reduced inspection costs at manufacturing and field applications, in aerospace, aviation, automotive, energy, and defense.

We take pride in supplying and servicing customers of our QC measurement and inspection technologies, delivering quality service and support through the lifecycle of their experience using our products. We also continue to answer custom challenges of customers from government and industry that require specialized instrumentation.